About us

We are a Belgian Family, who moved to Austria.
For years we have come on holiday in Austria, both in summer and in winter, and ever growing the desire to stay here and start a new life here.
Around the year 2010, we decided for ourselves that sooner or later we would take this step.
In order not to go too brash to work, we have done a lot of research work the first few years and meanwhile we looked at houses or small boarding houses that were for sale. We very quickly agreed about the region where we wanted to live. In the years 2014-2015 we started an intensive search for a new home in our "Heimat" and found this beautiful apartment house in Filzmoos.
Since December 2015 we are started with the rental of our 4 apartments. 


We offer you the Filzmoos Summer Card Plus (Premium) free of charge in summer. This allows you to enjoy your holiday even more with a lot of extra benefits for the whole family.

In the Winter we offer you free of charge the Filzmoos Winter Card


Downstairs we have a common lounge.
This can be used to play board games , read, or watch TV . Board games and books can be found in the closet in the hallway on the ground floor.

On the 1st floor you can find our sauna room. We are happy to open the sauna on your request. Let us know in the morning when you want to go to the sauna and we will do the necessary. 

Temperature 80 ° - 95 ° ( Recommended stay 10-15 min . )

Sauna rules :

  • Always shower before you go in the sauna
  • Use 2 towels for the sauna , one to sit on and the other to put your feet on  
  • Do not wear clothes or bathing suits in the sauna - not hygienic !
  • Wrap yourself in a towel  
  • Do not wear shoes in the sauna
  • Please Shower after using the sauna

Children and youths under 14 years may only use the sauna if accompanied by parents.

Do not you feel like going to the bakery in the morning?

No worries, we offer you a bread-roll service. Give us your order via the appropriate document before 12 noon and we will take care of your sandwiches in the morning.

Bon Appetit !


We value the cleanliness of our house and ask our guests to carefully handle the equipment and the furniture. In case of damage, compensation will be requested.

The apartments may not be accessed with ski boots and / or walking shoes. At the entrance of the house you will find the shoe room on the left. Here you can let your ski boots dry.

To keep the house as clean as possible, we also ask you to put on slippers in the house. These slippers can be found in your apartment.

You can also put your shoes in the shoe room in the appropriate cupboards when entering the house.